Groups for Local Moms to Connect

Looking to get out and meet other North Phoenix moms? Here’s a list of some local groups we found that will help you in your search. If you know of a group that isn’t listed, tell us at editorial@

Anthem M & M’s: Active Moms and Munchkins
Dues: $24 per year
Website: meetup.com/AnthemMMs
Contact: None specified
Anthem moms who are looking for meaningful friendships and things to do with their munchkins ages five and under are encouraged to join the Anthem M & M’s: Active Moms and Munchkins. The group holds events and play dates almost daily, most of which are free to minimal cost.

Career Moms of North Phoenix
Dues: $10 per year (60-day free trial)
Website: meetup.com/Career-Moms-of-North-Phoenix
Contact: None specified
First-time working mothers with children that were born between March 2011 and June 2012 can join this group of mothers who face the challenges of raising a family while having a career.

International Working Moms of Scottsdale/North Phoenix
Dues: None specified
Website: meetup.com/International-working-moms-of-Scottsdale
Contact: None specified
This group is for working mothers who are unable to attend meet-ups during the workweek, and are open to cultural diversity. Most outings such as play dates, movies, lunches and mom-nights-out take place on weekends in the Scottsdale, North Phoenix, Desert Ridge and Deer Valley areas.

North Phoenix Working Parents and Fun Kids
Dues: None
Website: meetup.com/NorthPhoenixParentsandKids
Contact: Ashley.j.lagazo@gmail.com
All kinds of parents – single, married, working or not – can join this group that welcomes children of all ages. Events usually take place on the weekends and can include sporting events, ice-skating, 5k fun runs, concerts, camping trips, barbecues and more.

North Phoenix Mommies
Dues: $10 Per year
Website: meetup.com/North-PHX-Mommies-2011
Contact: None specified
Connect with other mothers and develop lasting relationships for you, your child and your family with this group of moms who live in the North Phoenix area and have children born in 2011.

MOMS Club®: Moms Offering Moms Support
The MOMS Club® is an international non-profit organization that provides support to full-time or part-time stay-at-home moms with over 2,000 chapters across the United States and seven countries. Activities often include playgroups, mom-nights-out, and day trips. The following chapters currently serve the North Phoenix area, but new chapters form continuously, so contact momsclub.org for a group near you, or to start your own chapter.

Happy Valley
Boundaries: North: Carefree Hwy.; South: Happy Valley Rd. East: 55th Ave.; West: 83rd Ave.
Dues: $20 per year
Website: hvmomsclub.webs.com
Contact: hvmomsclub@yahoo.com

Boundaries: North: Carefree Hwy.; South: Happy Valley Rd.; East:7th St.; West: I-17
Dues: $20 per year
Website: norterramomsaz.weebly.com
Contact: norterramomsaz@gmail.com

North East Phoenix
Boundaries: North: Carefree Hwy.; South: Dunlap Ave. East: 32nd St.; West: 7th St. Also includes 32nd St. to Tatum, north of Loop 101 to Pinnacle Peak Rd.
Dues: $20 per year
Website: momsclubphxne.tripod.com
Contact: momsclubphxne@gmail.com

North Scottsdale/Grayhawk
Boundaries: Zip Codes: 85028, 85254, 85032, 85255, 85054
East of 56th St. and west of Pima Rd., south of Pinnacle Peak Rd. and north of Bell Rd.; East of 32nd St. and west of Pima Rd., south of 101 and north of Bell Rd.; East of 32nd St. and west of 64th St., south of the 101 and north of Shea Blvd.; East of 24th Street and west of 64th St., south of the 101 and north of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.
Dues: $25 per year
Website: meetup.com/MOMS-Club-of-Phoenix-N-Scottsdale-Grayhawk
Contact: vnevarez1@gmail.com

Tramonto Moms Group
Dues: $10 per year
Website: meetup.com/Tramonto-Moms-Group
Contact: jrevel@q.com, 623-215-5541
A group of moms who live in the Tramonto area who are committed to supporting each other in the most wonderful but challenging job of motherhood. A variety of monthly activities include playgroups and mom-nights-out.

Working Mamas of Kinders & Under, North Phoenix/Scottsdale
Dues: $16 per year
Website: meetup.com/Working-Mommies-of-Babies-in-Diapers
Contact: None specified
If you’re looking for a small, tight knit group of friends with kids in the 3 to 5-year-old range, and live in the Desert Ridge area (or within a 5-7 mile radius south/SE of Desert Ridge), this group could be for you! Meet ups are usually on Saturday or Sunday, and sometimes include spouses.

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