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Father’s Day Q&A with Diamondbacks Eduardo Escobar

Father’s Day is just a few weeks away and our valley is filled with many great dads – including influential sports figures. This month in celebration of some of those great fathers, we wanted to share some of the insides of life with Arizona Diamondbacks player Eduardo Escobar.

  1. Tell us about yourself and career

I am from Venezuela – a neighborhood called La Pica in the state of Aragua. I was raised there, together with my four siblings. I travel back there in the off-season and spend a lot of time with my family and friends. I made my pro debut in 2011 with the Chicago White Sox. The following season I was traded to Minnesota – where I spent close to seven seasons. I was then traded here to the Diamondbacks in 2018 and I am now in my fourth season in Arizona.

  1. You are a dad, tell us a little about your kids

I have five kids – four boys and one girl. The oldest is my daughter, 17, then a 15-year-old, followed by 13, 11 and the youngest is six. They all live with us here in Arizona and are into baseball and studying.

  1. Being a parent is difficult on a good day, being someone who is often on the road, how do you handle parenting/parenthood?
    PHOENIX, ARIZONA – APRIL 13: The A’s play against the D-backs. (Photo by Jill Weisleder/Arizona Diamondbacks)

It’s always a little difficult because you separate from the family quite a bit during the season and that can get to them, but they understand because we communicate to them that this is part our job, to give them a better future. Sometimes people don’t realize those difficult things we go through. But my children understand that it’s part of our job. We make sacrifices so that they can have what we didn’t have growing up.

  1. What is your most favorite thing about being a Dad?

Seeing them smile and laugh – being able to watch them all grow. That is what is most important. It motivates you even more to continue to work hard in life to give them a better future so they can enjoy all the opportunities, so that they don’t have to go through the poverty and everyday struggles we had to go through when we were growing up. It’s the most beautiful thing I enjoy every day.

  1. If you had to give advice to other parents, what would be the one thing you’d share?

To love your children. Understand them. Be strict with them when you have to be strict with them and really give it your all for your children. You have to make them understand that for us as parents, we don’t want our kids to go through some of the things we went through. To give your kids a better education so they can have better opportunities and always give them sound advice.

  1. What does 5 years down the road look like for you and your family?

Five years from now I still feel I will be playing baseball, God willing. The thought of retiring still hasn’t crossed my mind. Continue playing until my body decides and until God decides when the moment has come for me to finish my career. The goal is to continue playing baseball and continue to watch my children grow and watch them play sports. And most importantly, be with my family.

  1. If your kids want to play sports as they grow up, will you encourage them to do so? 

Yes, definitely. In fact, my oldest boys, Diego and Raul, also play baseball. Both my daughter and second youngest son are more into their studies, but my youngest son also loves to play. They are going to be the ones who decide what they want to eventually do, and as a parent I’m always going to support and respect the decisions of each of them. Simply be there to always support them.

  1. Anything else you’d like to share as one of the parents on the team?

Having such a challenging job that we have, I think the best way for us to relax and enjoy ourselves is by spending time with our family, which is the most important and beautiful thing there is for me. We dedicate a lot of time to our job during the season, so there is no better way to enjoy life than spending as much time with the family as possible.

For fans looking for something to do this Father’s Day, the Arizona Diamondbacks will be playing at home June 20th. The first 15,000 dads will also get a Hawaiian shirt when they come to the ball game.

For information on getting Father’s Day game tickets and other information, check out the website here.

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