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Family Game Night: Blobby’s Pizza

Parents, looking for a new educational game for your kids to play, we have a great option for you. Check out this new game called Blobby’s Pizza. It is a fun look on fractions. If your kid is in 4th, 5th, or 6th grade, this would be a great game for them to play to help them better understand fractions or learn more about them. There is also a decimal multiplying aspect to the game in the form of taxes and tips.

In the game, the goal is to create full pizzas and earn the most money. To do so, you can use the fraction pizza cards in your hand to create 1 of 4 types of pizzas. These include cheese, pepperoni, veggie, and supreme. Each of these pizzas have a different value to them, making strategy a big part of this game. You need to be able to figure out wat pieces to put down to create the pizzas and not have your cards eaten.

To steal someone else’s cards, you need to play a monster card. There are 7 unique types of monsters that can be played throughout the game. Each monster eats a different value of pizza, meaning you can only steal so much pizza per turn. A turn ends when the player believes they have done everything they can to create pizzas.

The end of the game starts when all 7 types of monsters have been played. Once that is done, players can them play Chef Blobby. Once chef blobby has eaten one full pizza, the game is over. As you are playing the games, all completed pizzas face down to the side, and that is what you will use to score.

To score, you use the guest receipt and add all money spent with your completed pizzas. Whoever has the most money wins. Tax and tips come into play after your 1st game. They help add to your already existing score and give kids a chance to not only add fractions and decimals, but also multiply them to further their math skills.

In a 2 player games, the rules simplify a bit. Chef Blobby is not used in a 2-player game. Instead, whoever get to $60 first is the winner. Taxes and tips are still used in the 2-player game also. Parents, before you start to play with your kids, you may want to read the rules thoroughly and even try a round first to get the hang of the game. While the instructions may seem confusing at first, it is easy to get once you start plashing. Overall, this a great game for younger kids learning these skills to help them succeed, and older kids to keep these standards in their head.

Written by: A.C. Pahia, High School Student

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