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Family Friendly Technology of the Future

The best and newest tech is unveiled at CES 2018

Technology, it is the cog that keeps the family home moving for many of us today. Our kids are more tech savvy than we ever were at their age, understanding more than we do even today. The best part? That new technology is being unveiled every day.

Many of these new kid-friendly and family-friendly tech ideas were just unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hundreds of thousands of people converged upon the city to check out the latest and greatest that technology has to offer.

Here is a look at some of the coolest new gizmos and gadgets that were presented at CES 2018. While not all of them are currently available, they will be coming to an online or brick and mortar store near you in the very near future.

Great for parents & caregivers, the Monkey Kid Sensor, which is now available. This sensor is a proximity sensor using beacon technology to help parents keep an eye on their kids. This wearable device just locks on a child’s shoe or belt loop, and connects to an app on their caregivers iPhone or iPad. The caregiver sets parameters from 15 to 230 feet, and when a child moves to near or outside these parameters, the sensor will alert parents. Great for busy indoor activity centers, birthday parties and more. App is available at the iTunes store and the sensor can be purchased online at themonkeyapp.com.

Great for young kids, colorful glow chargers and headsets from Crayola & DGL Group. This is great for helping kids keep their items all together, by color coordinating their cords, chargers and earbuds. Available in several different colors including green, blue, pink and more. For more information, check out DGL Group online at dglusa.com and most products sold online at Amazon.

Great for kids and parents, the Magik Toothbrush and app. This is the first augmented reality toothbrush for kids. This first interactive toothbrush helps educate kids on better brushing their teeth. The brushing adventure plays out on your phone or tablet, making this everyday task a bit more enjoyable for both kids and adults alike. The Magik companion app lets parents know not only if your kids are brushing but how well they are doing it! This toothbrush and app is set to be available later this year but you can get more information on it today and get on their mailing list for announcements at kolibree.com.

One of the biggest technology items featured at CES this year were drones. Drones of every size and style, including drones for kids by Quadrone that allow kids and kids-at-heart do some obstacle course racing. There were also plenty of drones to check out for adults and older kids from companies such as dji, which specializes in drone technology. One of the coolest drone-type technologies we spotted at CES this year was the Air Selfie. The Air Selfie is the ultimate portable flying camera that connects with your smartphone, allowing you to take photos from a higher angle. Perfect for kids, teens and parents. Available now online at airselfiecamera.com.

Bottom line is that technology is every evolving and it isn’t just for Mom and Dad anymore. Kids are probably one of the biggest target audiences for technological advances, and that will likely continue long into the future.

For more information on what was featured at CES, check them out online at ces.tech.

Written by: Gretchen Pahia

Gretchen Pahia

With more than 15 years valuable experience in both media and public relations, Gretchen Pahia is a wife and mother of two. Over the years, Gretchen has used her media and public relations skills at a variety of firms in the valley and is now principal and owner of Media by Connection. Gretchen is a firm believer that building lasting relationships with her clients is a strong background for achieving solid and visible results. She uses those same techniques at home with her family and boys. Keeping busy is her game, running around with two very active kids, who are growing bigger every day. Gretchen is a native to Arizona, born and raised here and a graduate of Northern Arizona University. She keeps active herself while enjoying running, working out, playing sports, watching movies with her husband!

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