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Fall Hair Trends

Fall is approaching which means hair trends are changing. We dove into some serious research to find this upcoming falls best hair trends. What did we find? Stick around and you’ll see.

It’s no secret that Kendall Jenner slays with her hair parted straight down the middle; but, she’s not the only one who should get to rock this fierce do. That’s right, it’s time to unleash the middle school girl in you and part that hair in the middle. Whether you wear it sleek and smooth or you embrace that curl the middle part is making a statement.

Put away your irons and straighteners ladies because braids are back and they are as beautiful as ever. One major braid trend that making its way into Fall 2018 is the crown braid. This beautiful style circles the head in extravagant twists pulling together a soft elegant look for any occasion. Taking a new spin on your average French braid the crown braid brings a fresh light to this style.

Deciding on your next hair color? Not sure you can make the commitment to those cool tone blondes? Well, fear not. The warm tones are coming in with force this Fall. That’s right, the warm caramel tones are back. No more icy, “bleach your hair until it falls out” blondes. It’s time to embrace the natural warm tones underlying in your hair’s pigment.

As seen in the past we all are familiar with fringe coming into play in the fall. This years fringe trends you’ll want to look out for are fun, funky and fresh. The first trend you’ll want to consider when making the chop to bangs is the baby bangs! That’s right; they’re back. The choppy short fringe adds a new spin on your every day look! It’s fun and it’s fierce. Another fringe photo to bring to your hairdresser would be that of the wispy fringe. This look is all about minimal effort. A sweet piece-y messy fringe is a go to this fall.

Being on trend this fall can be made easy with these simple yet fierce styles. Pull out your favorite coats, swipe on some mascara and do that hair because fall is approaching and we can all be on trend this season.”

Written by: Rochelle Decker

Rochelle Decker

Rochelle Decker, owner of Hair ‘n’ Dipity Salon, designed a blend of vintage chic ambiance with carefully restored and artistically repurposed historic pieces into her life long dream salon. Hair ‘n’ Dipity blends the finest Phoenix talent in hairstyling, esthetics, and massage therapy with a rare one-on-one experience in an atmosphere that is second to none.

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