Fabulous Find: Lunchbox Love

By: Amanda Rumore


Looking for a way to be part of your child’s day even though they’re at school? Maybe your tot is just starting school and misses you dearly or you want to create a positive dialogue with your tween so future talks are more natural? Lunchbox Love, positive notes and fun trivia for your child’s lunchbox, backpack or binder, makes it simple to talk to, and encourage, your child while you’re apart, which is so important because positive words can change someone’s day, a life and eventually the world.

The Story
Lunchbox Love was created by life-long friends and fellow moms Judi Willard and Mary Fuller. While out shopping for their kids, these ladies were disappointed with the inundation of product messaging such as “Boys are stupid”, “I’m a biotch” and “My favorite accessory is my dad’s credit card.” They immediately began discussing how someone should start a positive movement that counters these negative messages.

Soon, the duo realized it was their calling to do so. Willard, a licensed psychotherapist, and Fuller, a journalist, were able to combine their talents to create a company that produced greeting cards, clothing and other accessories that featured positive messages, but in an upbeat and fun way. It has been scientifically proven that positive thoughts and words have a positive effect on our mental and physical health. Willard says, “Positive messages are so important. Words are powerful. Words create thoughts, which create feelings.” Willard had already been leaving encouraging notes in her children’s lunches – which had received attention from the entire class – so Lunchbox Love was an extension of her ritual.


The Cards
Lunchbox Love displays the importance of expressing feelings and the power of encouragement. Lunchbox Love are beautiful and durable two-sided credit card sized notes. Each pack is balanced with love, gratitude and character building messages.

Lunchbox Love for Kids has an encouraging note on one side plus a fun trivia fact on the back such as “Mosquitoes are attracted to the color blue” and “Butterflies taste with their feet.”
Lunchbox for Tweens and Tweens have positive notes on the front, like “I trust you to do the right thing” and beautiful quotes or humorous trivia on the back, such as “Did you know in many parts of Central America, dating is not allowed until the age of 15?”

Willard and Fuller didn’t stop there. Lunchbox Love is available for loved ones, girlfriends, specifically for kids at camp, for hope and strength, for holidays – the list goes on. Each message, and fact or joke on the back, in Lunchbox Love is unique so when you get the 16 volume set, you have 192 different cards, more than enough for every day of the school year without ever repeating.

Each volume of cards contains 12 (10 with different messages and 2 blanks so you can add a personal note) and are $2.99. Sets are available, with multiple volumes, for around $20.


The Charity
Both women yearned to support a greater purpose. That’s why a portion of the proceeds from Say Please’s products go to the Lunchbox Fund. Founded in 2005, this charity provides daily meals to kids at South Africa Township High School.

To buy your Lunchbox Love visit sayplease.com.

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