Fabulous Find: Blucoin

Looking for a system to curb bad behavior and reward good behavior? We found an easy token system for kids called Blucoin. Blucoin is a motivational tool used by parents and teachers to get children excited about learning and behaving appropriately. The goal of the system is to strengthen your child’s good behaviors and nearly eliminate all of their unwanted behaviors.


How It Works
Blucoin is like a paycheck, or a currency system for your child. Find something that your child is willing to work for, a game, a toy, or a special treat you know they would love and place it in the box where it is automatically locked, making any contents inside inaccessible to children. It is large enough to hold video game controllers, toys, or even an iPad. The lid of the box has a viewing window so that children know exactly what reward they are working towards, keeping them motivated along the way.

Children earn Blucoins for demonstrating good behavior and finishing tasks. Once a child has earned enough coins, they are then able to purchase the reward inside of the box. The Blucoins attach magnetically to the front of the box and when all of them are connected it automatically opens the lid giving the child instant access inside.

Made from high strength ridged polymers, the Blucoin Box is tantrum tested and designed to last year’s so it can be passed on to the next generation of parents in the family. The magnets and slots make it easy for very young children and those with poor fine motor skills to apply the coins. The Blucoins are weighted and textured so that they are fun to hold, which keeps them reminded of the task they are working towards completing.

Blucoin Education
Blucoin can be used to teach children new skills such as working before playing, academics, listening, occupational therapy, speech, following instructions, potty-training, tying shoes, patience, sharing, cleaning up after themselves, the list goes on. Unlike other traditional behavior modification programs for children, Blucoin offers a sophisticated box that delivers the same strategies used by psychologists and behavior therapists, without the required training.

Blucoin is currently in the development process and is “patent pending.” It will be launching soon on Kickstart and those interested in the token system can sign-up for a special discount. Find more information online at www.blucoin.org and on Facebook.

The Inventor
Andrew Jones has had a long-life in education. Growing up in California his father was an educator for over 40 years. He has taught sports, special education, and behavior management. When Andrew set out looking for a way to help children and families on a larger scale, he was unable to find one proven solution that was simple to operate and extremely universal. That is when he decided to design Blucoin Education.

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