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Experiencing Blooming Ranch

Located in North Phoenix, Blooming Ranch is a family owned and operated farm that provides many unique experiences to the community. Rob and Laura Ungvary opened the business in September 2015. They always knew they wanted to grow their own garden and sell naturally grown produce. Blooming Ranch not only sells produce, but also hatching eggs, peacocks, homemade products as well as beekeeping and landscaping.

“We both have always been outdoorsy people and had a passion to open our own gardening business,” Rob said. “We found this wonderful location where we could have our home to raise our kids and also grow our business.”

The couple has two young children and they enjoy raising them on the farm.

“We wanted land so our kids could run around and play. Along with our 1-year-old son, Evan, our five-year-old daughter, Marin loves helping in the garden and with the chickens,” Rob shared.

Laura is very knowledgeable of chickens and raises many on their farm. Aside from the edible eggs, she sells specialty hatching eggs that will hatch into rare breed chicks. They have also recently begun breeding peacocks that are now for sale, as well.

Rob has taken a great interest in beekeeping. He wanted to use bees to help pollinate and initially started performing swarm removals. His first project was to remove a few colonies from a local shed and he then was able to re-queen the colony and keep the bees to use to pollinate his garden. He now offers classes to locals in an effort to educate on the importance of beekeeping and removing and reusing colonies, rather than exterminating them. Besides their ability to pollinate, they produce large amounts of honey that is jarred and sold at the farm as a delicacy.

Laura holds a college degree in horticulture and started her own garden business when she finished school. Rob wanted to be involved and began landscaping alongside her. His landscaping skills are also offered as a service at Blooming Ranch.

Every Saturday, they sell their homemade products right off their patio, what they call the Farm Stand. They sell their produce and homemade goods such as candles, soaps, lip balm, jewelry and other items made out of things found on their farm. Even though the Farm Stand is only open on Saturdays, customers may always call ahead to schedule a pickup.

“Our intention was to sell to our neighborhood as our target market,” said Rob. “We put a sign out front and on social media. But our business has truly grown by word of mouth.”

Blooming Ranch also offers some seasonal activities, including Easer bunny photos with real rabbits and Christmas photos in the winter. Santa will be present with his antlered donkey for the fun farm occasion. Laura will also be hosting the Tour de Coops this spring, which is a backyard chicken coop touring event for people to visit and see how the farm is run and how the chickens are raised.

For Rob, the farm is a magical place and a great success for his family.

“I love the bees. I enjoy working with them and educating people about them. Most of all I love telling the story of what we do and seeing how amazed people are. It is truly our dream coming to fruition.”

By: Rebecca Kaye

Photos Courtesy of: Tabitha Weaver, All About U Photography

Rebecca Zaner

Rebecca Zaner has written many stories throughout the valley and enjoys having the ability to share community news, journeys and achievements. Holding a Bachelor of Music, Rebecca’s favorite place to be is the stage. Having been a singer all her life, Rebecca is now in pursuit of a professional performing career, singing opera and musical theatre (rebeccazaner.com). Also an avid photographer, Rebecca owns a photography business, Rebecca Kaye Photography (rebeccakayephoto.wix.com/rebeccakaye). She enjoys the natural beauty of Arizona and can be found spending her free time exploring and traveling with her family.

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