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Enjoying Movies as a Family

Going to the movies is one of the greatest American pastimes and this summer has one of the strongest film slates ever seen! While we have seen a renaissance in horror movies in 2019, 80s and 90s kids are reliving our childhoods with live-action remakes, reboots, sequels and the like. For those that want to share the wonderment of the movies with their children this summer, but may not know how to navigate some of the trickier parts of taking the kiddos out to the theater, the team from Flix Brewhouse put our heads together to create some easy, shareable tips to make the most out of going to the movies without stress!

  1. Get tickets at a cinema that offers reserved seating in advance. There’s nothing more stressful than walking into an auditorium with a family of four and struggling to figure out if you’re going to be able to sit together. While reserved seating may seem like a simple thing to find, not every theater offers the ability to choose your seats in advance. Find a theater that allows you to book online in advance and pick the seats so you can show up just before show time and know you’re going to be in just the right spot for you and your children! For parents with children that tend to get frightened or distracted easily, or for those that might need frequent restroom visits, picking seats in advance can pose a real benefit.
  2. Pick a theater that offers more than just popcorn and soda. It can be really awful trying to get from event to event, then lunch, then a movie. On top of that, you’re probably stressing about if your meal is taking too long or if you can get the whole crew back in the car in time to make your show. All that in the Arizona summer swelter…no way. Many theaters come incredibly well-appointed even with full dine-in options designed for both adults and kids. Combine both experiences to remove the stress out of driving all over town!
  3. Go to a theater that offers a discount day to maximize your summer budget. Let’s face it – budgeting for an entire summer of activities with the kids can be stressful. Many theaters offer a bargain day to make it easier for families to visit. For example, our team at Flix Brewhouse offers $5.25 tickets all day on Wednesdays and many cinemas also offer similar deals as well.
  4. Find a cinema that cares about the cinematic experience. When you find a theater that cares, you can relax knowing the restrooms will be clean, the team members will be friendly and helpful, and that translates into respectful guests. The needlessly added stress of worrying about how to deal with disruptive guests in a theater when you’re trying to escape and enjoy a movie isn’t worth it. Attending a movie at a cinema that works with their guests to remove those distractions actively allows you to destress and enjoy your show.

Finding the right theater for you and your family is always what translates into the best movie-going experience. Having options and amenities without breaking the bank is always helpful and for those looking to check off all the stress-relieving boxes above, look no further than Flix Brewhouse this summer, though no matter where you choose, we hope you enjoy your summer at the movies!

Written by: Greg Johnson, Flix Entertainment

Greg Johnson has been the Director of Sales and Marketing at Flix Entertainment since February 2014. Greg came to Flix Brewhouse from the beer industry, having served as the Director of Marketing for one of the largest homebrew supply retailer in the US. Prior to his move into the beer industry, he was Art Director at an Austin-based agency that focused on branding and digital marketing for small businesses and non-profits. A graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, he studied Radio and Television Communications during which he worked for various radio and television networks including MTV and Viacom.

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