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From “Elf on a Shelf” to “Easter Eggster”

Have you ever wondered who helps the Easter Bunny in his workshop? In the book, “Easter Eggsters” written by mom, Destiny Schuenke, children can learn about the Easter Bunny’s helpers; raccoon, skunk, squirrel, and bunny.  These cute little critters come inside of a magical jumbo egg that your kids can decorate.

Each package is prepared by a very special friend of the Easter Bunny and includes 1 Easter Eggster (your choice of raccoon, skunk, rabbit, or squirrel), 1 magical egg ready to be decorated and 1 copy of the “Easter Eggsters” Storybook.

The Eggsters don’t get their magic until they say the magical words in the story book. Kids can play with the little critters during the day. Before they go to bed each night, they have to put them back into the eggs so they can return to the Easter Bunny to make their “daily report.” Each morning the kids wake up and look around the house to find their Eggsters.

Schuenke based her idea for Easter Eggsters on the Christmas “Elf on a Shelf concept. “We started right after Valentine’s Day when my girls woke up to find four large Easter Eggs. The eggs contained a small stuffed rabbit, squirrel, skunk and a raccoon. There was also a letter from the Easter Bunny.”

The letter inside the eggs explained that the animals in the forest are the Easter Bunny’s helpers and they are called Easter Eggsters. “My girls learned that the Eggsters would stay at the house during the day to watch and listen for bad or good behavior and then at night, would return to the Easter Bunny’s workshop to report.”

On Easter Eve, the Eggsters would return to the workshop and help prepare Easter baskets for the children in the household. Kids love waking up and seeing where their Eggster ends up after his/her trip to the workshop.

Easter Eggster box sets include: 
One 10 inch jointed plush Eggster from the Easter Bunny’s workshop
One 8 inch colored plastic egg ready to be decorated
One Easter Eggsters: An Easter Tradition storybook, including pages to record Easter memories;
Egg decorating supplies not included

For additional information or to order, visit walmart.com.

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