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DIY Projects Gone Wrong – When to Call the Professionals

Homeowners who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty can save a good amount of money by doing projects themselves at home, however, when these projects backfire they can cause thousands of dollars in property damages. Therefore, it’s important that a competent and qualified person perform the repairs, especially when it pertains to certain areas of the home. Below are some of the DIY projects that may be best to leave to the professionals:

A leading cause of fire damage in properties is a result of faulty electrical work. Things such as ceiling fans, electrical switches or light fixtures may seem like a great DIY project, however, doing these projects yourself may be putting the property and its occupants at risk. It’s critical that a knowledgeable individual perform any project involving electricity. It is recommended that a licensed electrician handle any electrical work in the home to ensure that there aren’t issues down the road.

A little bit of water can cause a lot of damage. If the project you are working on takes place in a kitchen or bathroom, there is a good chance that plumbing will be involved. Contractors who specialize in water damage cleanup and restoration stay very busy as a result of DIY plumbing projects gone wrong. Whoever is doing the plumbing should have adequate experience with the plumbing work at hand to ensure that there won’t be any surprise water damage as a result of a broken fixture or other plumbing failures. Yelp, Google, or other online resources, can direct you to a licensed plumber that has a good reputation and is competent to handle whatever project is needed on the property.

Water Damage Restoration
Whether Niagara Falls is flowing out the front door, or there is a small puddle next to your water heater, it’s important to make sure that the water damage is adequately addressed. Water damage left untreated may result in microbial or bacterial growth. The EPA has put out several resources explaining the risks and effects of mold in properties. It’s important to make sure that the damaged areas have been dried out and sanitized to ensure there will not be issues with mold, or even structural issues with the property. It is recommended that a licensed, bonded and insured contractor who specializes in water damage restoration inspect the property to ensure that the damage is properly assessed.

Smoke Damage Cleanup
Homeowners often think that they can resolve a smoke damage situation with some elbow grease and a cleaning solution. While this may work in minor cases, there are often hidden damages from the smoke that the homeowner may not notice. A little bit of smoke can cause a lot of damage, particularly the lingering smoke odor that can be difficult to remove. Not calling a professional when there is smoke damage can result in lingering odors that will last for years. A contractor who specializes in fire damage restoration can provide an inspection and discuss solutions, but most importantly, should be able to diagnose the damaged areas and provide a scope of work to make necessary corrections.

Written by: Adam Webster

Adam Webster

Adam Webster co-founded Rocky Mountain Restoration in 2009 with the idea of providing an empathetic approach to restoration services. Since its inception, Rocky Mountain Restoration has serviced more than 4,000 homes in the Phoenix Metro area. An expert in cleaning and restoration services, Webster specializes in water and fire damage restoration and has more than ten years of experience in the property restoration industry. For more information, please visit rmraz.com

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