April 2020 Highlights

Date Night Dishes: Rhythm & Wine

In a world of uncertainty, we often look to food as a way to help calm us and help bring us closer, whether as a couple or as a family. And along with food, we look at drinks to help round out a great meal and help us tune out the stresses of the real world, if only for a sip or two. So, if you’re looking for the perfect meal and drinks to enjoy, whether at home or out, look no further than Rhythm & Wine to provide you with one of the tastiest meals and some of the most delicious drinks you’ll likely find anywhere.

Most wine bars are just that, a place where you can enjoy wine and well, that’s about it. Rhythm & Wine sets itself apart by being a wine bar with a full service kitchen, cooking some of the most flavorful dishes you’re likely to find anywhere. Crafting cuisine sourced from local ingredients, there’s something on the menu for every appetite. From well-balanced appetizers like the Hard Rockin’ Shrimp (Cajun spicy shrimp just oozing with flavor) to amazing main courses like the Roasted Chicken Marsala (just order extra garlic mashed potatoes to begin with – you’ll wish you had when you finish what comes with the meal) and the Seafood Pasta Pescatore (with very tasty shrimp, scallops and lobster tossed in an amazing red sauce), everything on the menu is just perfect. The hardest part of a meal is usually trying to decide what to order. With Rhythm & Wine, you could just close your eyes and point at the menu and trust that whatever you get will be amazing.

But any discussion of Rhythm & Wine has to involve their world-class wine list. It is, after all, in their name. But what sets Rhythm & Wine apart is the particular care they pay to their wines. Featuring wines from across the globe, you can rest assured that you can find the right wine to go with any of their food, from appetizers to dessert. And if you can’t pick one wine, you can choose from several different wine flights for different tastes.

While Rhythm & Wine prides itself on having an exemplary, world-class wine list, they also have some of the best cocktails (or Rocktails as they like to call it) around. Personal favorites are the Strawberry Basil-Mule, an amazingly refreshing drink and a perfect way to start the meal, and the White Cosmopolitan, an awesome Rhythm & Wine twist on a cosmo made with white cranberry juice. And the after dinner drinks don’t disappoint, either. For you fans of butter finger candy bars, Rhythm & Wine somehow found a way to make an alcoholic beverage taste even better than the real candy with the Butter Finger drink, an absolutely delicious cocktail. For vodka and dessert lovers, there’s the Better-Than-Sex Salted Caramel. Yeah, it’s an extremely tasty drink. The vodka and caramel pair perfectly for an amazing dessert drink.

With so much uncertainty in the world right now, it’s nice to have someplace that’s providing great food for you to enjoy at home. Rhythm & Wine currently features their entire menu available to go for curb side pick-up, including their wines. So while you may not be able to enjoy their amazing outdoor patio right now, you can enjoy their amazing food and drinks right now. And when the world settles down, make sure you book your table and make a point to visit Rhythm & Wine and spend some time there. You’ll be glad you did.

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