August 2020 Highlights

Date Night Dishes: The Perfect Picnic

With so much uncertainty in the world, perhaps a picnic is just what you need to hit pause and take some time for yourself and your significant other. And what better way than to enjoy a picnic wherever you choose. With that in mind, Old Town Scottsdale’s Merkin Vineyards is offering up the perfect picnic basket for two.

Packed inside a Caduceus/Merkin branded cooler are two cans of Puscifer Queen B wines (Malvasia or Rosé), 2 travel tumblers, 2 can lids, 2 salads and your choice of either 2 small deli sandwiches or 2 cupcake lasagna’s. We chose the cupcake lasagna’s (you can choose to get them warm or bring them home to cook) and wow. Just wow. We had the Bolognese lasagna and it was one of the best lasagna’s we’ve ever had. There was just so much flavor packed into a cupcake tin, all with locally made ingredients, either from local farms or from Merkin’s own locations across the state. Caduceus/Merkin pride themselves on using only the best local ingredients, and you can taste the difference in every bite. The salads were also fantastic and on a hot summer day, provided a light refreshing balance.

And the wine is simply amazing. You can’t go wrong with either the Malvasia or the Rosé, and in fact it’s probably just best if you picked up some extra when getting your basket because you will want more. And if you want to grab something different than the Puscifer Queen B canned wines, there’s a full range of Merkin Vineyards wine to choose from, including Whites, Reds and Rosé’s. Merkin makes some of the finest wine not only in the state, but in the region and wine lovers will have plenty of options to choose from.

As a side benefit, for fans of everything Maynard James Keenan (including his groups Tool or Puscifer), then a visit to Merkin Vineyards or Caduceus Cellars is a must, and these picnic baskets make fantastic collector’s pieces. The picnic baskets cost $75 and are available for takeout only from either their Old Town Scottsdale location or from the Merkin Osteria in Cottonwood.

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