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Dad Makes Valley Moves Easier

Moving is daunting, but everyone does it eventually. Whether it’s moving to college or to a new home, families typically experience many moves in their lifetimes. It has become a part of our culture that is ever changing. Why should moving have to be so daunting? There are so many stressful aspects that go along with moving, so really, the “moving” part, should be the least of one’s worries.

That’s why Justin Hodge started his business, Muscular Moving Men; a local moving company that makes moving the easy part. In 2008, Justin and his best friend, and now business partner, Josh Jurhill started the company. They decided it would be a smart business venture after college since there is always a constant need for movers. Justin worked his way through school at a moving company, hauling boxes and furniture. After college and alongside his full time job, Justin continued moving friends and family until his side job began to increase in demand. He found clients on Craigslist and eventually clients found him by word of mouth. He worked with his own dolly and truck until the demand grew so intense, he decided he should do it full time.

“Josh and I came up with the name, trademarked it and registered our business and we were off and running from there,” Justin shared of his startup. “When we raised enough capitol, we bought our first truck and named it Arnold” (They name all their trucks rather than numbering them for a clever twist).

After leaping into full time status, they hired more staff, bought more trucks and eventually moved into an office to manage business operations. The business is now going on 10 years of service and the company employs over 80 workers. They now own 20 trucks, tractors and trailers and perform around 400 moves per month. Their warehouse also has 600 storage containers so that they can offer short or long term storage plans to their clients.

Justin is married with two kids and loves that the business has grown to a level of efficiency that can be handled and executed when he is not there, so that he can spend time with his family.

Having grown into a 20,000 square foot building, operations have never been better. With locations currently in Arizona and Michigan, Justin and Josh specialize in local and cross country moves. They also have plans to start a commercial division in 2019, moving office buildings, hospitals, hotels and other large corporations in need of moving assistance. Over the next 10 years, Muscular Moving Men expects to open up to 70 new locations nationwide.

“We operate on our ‘Six-pack’ of core values,” said Justin. “Quality, financial efficiency, respect, advancement, culture and customer service. We require our staff to know these and quiz them daily. If they get them wrong, they’re doing pushups.”

Justin and Josh make sure their team stays fit, as their namesake advertises a muscular crew. They built a gym at their warehouse for staff to workout and keep fit when they are not on calls. They also put their crew through intense training and mock truck moves to be sure their quality of service meets their standards.

Not only does the company provide the truck and muscular men, but they also offer an online store that sells moving and packing supplies to make those moves even easier.

“In an on-demand world, clients want instant and easy service, and that’s exactly what Muscular Moving Men aims to provide,” Justin said.

Justin and Josh have experienced incredible success with their business and wanted to find ways to give back to the community. They have worked with Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Hope Women’s Center of Arizona, Southwest Human Development among others, providing them with the many resources they have free of charge.

“We have also joined together to help Glendale Special Victims Unit,” Justin shared. “Every few months, we help move families out of unsafe homes and we store their items for free until they are in a good place. We have plans to keep helping charities as we grow our business. We are always interested in giving back and being better members of the community.”

By: Rebecca Kaye

Rebecca Zaner

Rebecca Zaner has written many stories throughout the valley and enjoys having the ability to share community news, journeys and achievements. Holding a Bachelor of Music, Rebecca’s favorite place to be is the stage. Having been a singer all her life, Rebecca is now in pursuit of a professional performing career, singing opera and musical theatre (rebeccazaner.com). Also an avid photographer, Rebecca owns a photography business, Rebecca Kaye Photography (rebeccakayephoto.wix.com/rebeccakaye). She enjoys the natural beauty of Arizona and can be found spending her free time exploring and traveling with her family.

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