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Cool Off at an Indoor Play Park

Let’s face it, it’s hot here in the valley. Summertime can be brutal and finding things for the kids to do cool off indoors can be a challenge.

But parents don’t you fret, there is a great, affordable option in the north valley, fun for kids and adults! Time to check out Uptown Jungle! Uptown Jungle is not your typical trampoline park. It is an indoor playground, with a huge structure where kids can climb, jump, slide and run.

There is plenty of space for the kids to play, run around, get out some of their summer crazies and just simply enjoy being a kid! There are also opportunities for private parties, group team building activities, birthday parties and more. And they continue to add more as they go. According to Regional Community Outreach Director George Colebrook, great things are brewing. “We are looking for ways to engage with all of our communities, youth groups, PTSO groups, church groups and more. We want to work with everyone in our community to bring joy and happiness to families. Our goal is to give kids a safe environment to play and give parents piece of mind that their children will be safe and happy while at Uptown Jungle.”

Visitors to the park can pay by the hour, or longer. Those who play must purchase grip-socks o their first visit, that you can wear over and over again on repeat visits. Parents are only half-price if they want to play alongside their kids and aren’t charged at all if they just want to sit and watch.

This location is just one of a few here in the valley and can be found at 7608 W. Cactus Road, on the corner of 75thAvenue and Cactus in Peoria.

For more information, you can check them out online Uptown Jungle.

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