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Coffee Naps: The Rest Boosting Secret

Coffee and sleep don’t seem to go hand in hand, but science suggests that a cup of joe right before a power nap can be extremely effective.

Coffee naps help people get a much-needed energy boost in the middle of the day. Combat those tired feelings by adding coffee for a quick-fix solution. Gulp down a cup of coffee, preferably black, snooze for 20 minutes and wake up with renewed energy.

The Science Behind a Coffee Nap

Coffee is a stimulant that blocks a chemical in your brain that makes you feel tired, called adenosine. Taking a nap actually decreases this chemical as opposed to just blocking it. Coffee naps battle adenosine by decreasing the sleep stimulant. Think of it like a football team, opposing players can be blocked so you can reach a goal easier, or those opposing players can be removed altogether, making it much easier to make a touchdown. Coffee naps combine the best of both worlds.

Duration of a Coffee Nap

Timing is crucial in a coffee nap. To leverage the benefits of both coffee and a nap, then a coffee nap should be between 15 to 20 minutes long. Naps, in general, shouldn’t be longer than 20 minutes otherwise naps aren’t as effective. The human body takes around 20 minutes to get into the deeper stages of sleep, and if someone wakes up from a deep-sleep stage then he or she is more likely to feel groggy and disoriented for some time.

The whole process of coffee absorbing and reaching the brain takes about 20 minutes, and by then, the body will start to feel its energizing effect. The presence of more stimulants enhances performance for the rest of the day.

How to Take a Coffee Nap

Step One: It’s best to quickly gulp down the coffee because if it is sipped slowly then the caffeine may start affecting the brain before the drink is finished. A cold black coffee or espresso shots are the best options since cold coffee is easier to drink swiftly. Getting caffeine in an unadulterated form maximizes results, which means avoiding the cream and sugar is a must.

Step Two: Find a comfortable spot to drink the coffee, lie down or sit back in a relaxed position, and set an alarm for 20 minutes. People do not have to fully fall asleep to reap the maximum benefits of a coffee nap.

The united effort of coffee and a power nap is evident in a coffee nap. Energy levels peak when caffeine can be utilized to its fullest potential. A 20-minute nap sets the pace for maximizing work and errands for the rest of your day.

Written by: Stacy Liman, Amerisleep

Stacy Liman is a journalism graduate student and a freelance writer with Amerisleep. Her focus is on mindfulness and content marketing. Stacy enjoys discovering new mattresses and connecting people with their perfect bed, but she more so enjoys understanding and writing about the science of sleep to help people get deeper, healthier rest. Learn more online.

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