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The Only Closet Reno You Need in Your Life

Spring-clean your closet!

Until now, my closet has consisted of plastic drawers- you know… those three-tiered clear bins with wheels on the bottom that always pop off.

I have been craving organization and order- in other words, a closet fit for adults. And now, my closet wishes have become a reality. Enter the esteemed PAX Closet System. Thanks to IKEA Tempe, Arizona, I have an Insta-worthy space that’s affordable and functional.

Here’s everything you need to know about how it works and why it rocks.

  1. Why go Pax

Ikea’s PAX wardrobe system is storage that really suits you because you decide it all – the size, color, style, features and interior facets. The virtual PAX planner is a simple journey to creating closet combinations that fulfills your needs; drawers, hanging space, shelves, shoe racks, accessory organizers and more. It’s an affordable DIY approach to building a beautiful custom closet.

  1. Measure to Perfection

Remember, the PAX system is all about DIY, so get ready to do it yourself.

The first step is getting your measurements… and make sure you are precise. Take note of your closet door, space if it swings open, ceiling heights, lighting placements, etc.

  1. Design to your Heart’s Desire

Using the virtual PAX designing tool, play around with placement keeping in mind your closet priorities. Have a checklist- for us, we wanted to maximize hanging space while making sure there were his-and-her soft-close drawer units.

PAX has a number of preset wardrobe combinations, making it easy for generic spaces. These include hanging space, shelving units, storage bins and shoe racks. There are also individual wardrobes ideal for corners.

  1. Place that Order

Before you finalize your design, print it out so you can make sure it’s exactly what you want. The virtual system blueprints are extremely detailed, showing all elements and measurements. Double check you have mirrored closet doors and wardrobe lighting if you so choose.

Then place your order.

  1. Install, with Patience

So, here’s the catch. All PAX wardrobe units arrive safety to your door… and then it’s up to you to install. There are plenty of directions, but it takes plenty of patience. You can outsource a handyman, your contractor, or indulge in the do-it-yourself experience. To DIY is quite an undertaking… but well worth it.

  1. Unpack Slowly

We went with an all-white PAX equipped with soft-close drawer units, hanging space, upper storage shelves, and a mix of IKEA-infused features… shoe racks, an accessory drawer, mirrored closets and more. The system is convertible, and you can easily adjust shelves as you see fit.

  1. Add Finishing Touches and Enjoy

I used to dread opening my closet door… now I would sleep in there if I could. It’s clean, it’s organized, and looks fantastic. And did I mention PAX has a 10-year limited warranty to protect your investment?!

Speaking of the investment, the price tag for our completed walk-in dream closet retails around $3000, compared it to other high-end companies ranging $6000+.

Written by: Nadine Bubeck

Nadine Bubeck is a TV Personality, author, lifestyle blogger, and fashion designer, having founded Mama B. Designs: boutique apparel that benefits March of Dimes. The Valley-based parenting contributor is a blessed boy mom times three. (nadinebubeck.com).

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