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Chasse.. All Your Dreams.

For Fred Bueler, life is all about the chase, and CHASSE.

A father of three boys – Freddie, Lincoln and Jackson – all under age 7, much of Bueler’s personal time is spent chasing them down, quite literally, for snacks, story time or sports.

“And most of the time, we are doing the chasing whilst each child is dressed in what has become their daily wardrobe of choice: superhero costumes,” says Bueler. “Ever try chasing Spider-Man, The Hulk and Batman down at the same time for a nap? Not easy. Joelle and I get far more than our 10,000 steps a day thanks to our little guys.”

Joelle is, of course, Bueler’s wife. The two met in the Valley in 2006 thanks to My Space.

Sort of.

“We ran in the same friend circles after Arizona State University, but I was too dense to just man up and ask her out for a long time. In fact, it was she who approached me at first via My Space,” says Bueler. “The online conversation led to an amazing first date at the former Houston’s by the Biltmore, and then you better believe I made sure to do the asking from then on.”

All of the “date asking” eventually led to Bueler asking another question.

“I proposed in June 2010 on the creek at L’Auberge de Sedona,” says Bueler, who married Joelle in May 2011 at Paradise Valley Country Club in front of friends and family, then got to work on their own family soon after.

Bueler also got to work on behalf of families and children across Arizona in several other ways.

CHASSE Building Team and STEM Programs

First, he has been at CHASSE Building Team (CHASSE) since 2008 and currently a Project Director. CHASSE is an award-winning general contractor that oversees more than $300 million in construction projects annually. They oversee projects ranging from a few thousand dollars to over $75 million in the education, nonprofit, retail, multi-family, and industrial markets with an expertise in occupied construction. Over 80% of CHASSE projects are successfully completed on active sites and campuses.

“Education work is a point of pride for me, both personally and professionally,” says Bueler, who helped oversee the builds and re-builds of Scottsdale’s Cheyenne Traditional School, Tempe’s Frank Elementary School and Tolleson’s Desert Oasis Elementary He also recently broke ground on the re-build of Tempe’s Wood Elementary School and will soon break ground on the update to Phoenix’s Madison Meadows Middle School and Scottsdale’s Hohokam Elementary School.

With projects happening in nearly a dozen school districts, according to Bueler, it is imperative to partner with each – including with the students directly – in a special way. And this means simply making the construction process a smooth one.

“Our mission is to educate and engage students by making them a part of the process from start to finish,” says Bueler. “As such, we offer everything from construction tours and class projects to student assemblies and workshops. Whenever possible, we include hands-on activities to help students get excited about the construction happening on their campus.”

With the Madison School District, for example, they developed an eight-week program that enlisted students’ support to build a masonry planter garden. Throughout the process, the students helped build the structure with guidance from the CHASSE team and various trade partners. And at Frank Elementary School, they provided a regular STEM curriculum in class to students as their school was being built in front of their eyes, asking them for input on design elements that resulted in a gorgeous outdoor amphitheater and a custom bell-tower for their historic bell.

“With some schools, such as Frank, we actual construct the new school where the fields and play areas are prior,” says Bueler. “This allows us to build the new school without disrupting the students and teachers. They get to see it all happening before their eyes.”

The Scottsdale Charros and Charro Foundation

Beyond chairing the STEM programs at schools across the Valley – and wrangling those aforementioned superheroes – Bueler has always kept himself active in the community via volunteerism efforts as well.

“For many years, I was a proud member of the Scottsdale Active 20-30 Club, where I chaired both Brokers for Kids and Agents Benefitting Children in recent years,” says Bueler.

Then in 2017, he became a Scottsdale Charro.

“Our mission is to serve as Scottsdale’s Goodwill Ambassadors while raising funds via Spring Training and other outlets so we can make annual grants and donations to organizations in need with a clear focus on education,” says Bueler.

Among their programs:

  • The Future Teacher Scholarship: Each year, two scholarships are awarded to students who can demonstrate outstanding achievement in academic activities, as well as non-academic activities, during their high school years.
  • The Charro Education Grant: Intended to provide financial assistance to Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) schools for projects, equipment and programs related to the classroom, athletics or infrastructure that are not currently funded through traditional funding streams.
  • Outstanding Student and Educator Awards:Once a year, the principals at every SUSD school select their individual school’s outstanding educator of the year. Additionally, the high school principals select an outstanding male and female student of the year.
  • Scottsdale Community College Scholarships: Each year, the Charros award a two-year scholarship to a graduate of a high school in the Scottsdale Unified School District.

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Written by: Alison Bailin Batz

Alison Bailin Batz is a freelance writer on interesting people, places, things – as well as all thing travel, food and drink. Her musings can be seen in more than two dozen media outlets across the Southwest. She is also a senior account executive at HMA Public Relations in Phoenix.

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