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Celebrating Individual Freedoms

Independence Day is a holiday commemorated with parades and fireworks that celebrate our country’s freedom and declaration of independence. It marks an event of massive historical significance for our country and I love everything it represents. However, I would also like to suggest that it’s a day to reflect on individual freedoms and what achieving independence really means. I have a front row seat to what can happen when freedom is challenged, especially to someone in a domestic violence situation.

Sojourner Center is one of the nation’s largest and longest-running domestic violence shelters focusing on helping our residents achieve safety, empowerment, and self-sufficiency.

Each and every day, we help individuals recapture their independence and freedom. Some of the services offered at Sojourner Center are:

  • A 24-hour Crisis Shelter that provides immediate shelter and a safe haven for victims fleeing domestic violence.
  • The Transitional Housing Program, a two-year program that provides housing for residents who would like to stay on our campus in their own apartment.
  • The Workforce Development Program that helps participants identify job interest areas and provides hands-on training for a job in the Phoenix area. Professional volunteers provide training assistance, present classes on vocational topics, financial literacy, and serve as mentors to participants to prepare them for interviews.
  • The accredited 5-Star Child Development Center provides tools to cope with trauma, prepares children academically so they are successful in school, creates a healing and stimulating environment, and provides outcomes-based awareness and education models to help break the cycle and prevent domestic violence.
  • The Youth Development Program provides afterschool programs that are not only healing and fun for the kids, but also provides parents the opportunity to go to work knowing their kids are in a safe and healthy environment.
  • Family pets are often times the primary source of solace for abused family members. The Sojourner Center Pet Companion Shelter provides a safe, on-campus setting so victims of domestic violence have an option of bringing their pets with them to safety.

These programs, along with our community services, domestic violence education, safety planning, lay-legal advocacy, case management, 24-hour crisis hotline, referral services, community education, and an on-site healthcare clinic, mean we are working with our community to eradicate domestic violence and empower individuals to break the cycle and become independent.

We transform lives and provide the necessary tools that enable individuals to develop the confidence they need to truly achieve independence from a domestic violence situation.

So, take a moment to celebrate your freedoms and what it means to you.  And if you feel your freedoms or independence are being challenged, know you’re not alone. We’re here to help.More information is available at www.sojournercenter.orgor by calling 602-244-0089.

Written by: Carrie Borgen, Executive Director, Sojourner Center

carrie borgen

Carrie Borgen is the executive director of Sojourner Center, one of the nation’s largest and longest-running domestic violence shelters that focuses on helping residents reach safety, empowerment, and self-sufficiency. More information is available at www.sojournercenter.org.

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