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Celebrating An Amazing Valley Mom

In the month of May, we take time to celebrate moms across the world, and of course, special moms here in the Valley.

One such mom doing extraordinary things in Phoenix is the talented Nadine Bubeck.

Bubeck moved to the Valley about ten years ago from San Diego, after landing a job at KPHO-TV as a morning traffic anchor. She quickly acclimated and made Arizona her home.

“I worked the early shift, waking up at 2:30am, and was lovingly welcomed into the Valley, also writing for local websites and getting immersed in the community.”

Bubeck had another great reason to head to Arizona: her boyfriend (now husband), Nate.  Nadine clearly followed her heart, and things worked out in her favor. “It didn’t take long for us to get engaged and married in McCormick Ranch, the lush and green area of Scottsdale where he’s lived his whole life.”

After about a year of marriage, Nadine and Nate (AKA, “Natedine”) decided to start a family… and things happened pretty fast. However, like many pregnancy journeys, Nadine’s took a turn.

“At 20 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with complete Placenta Previa. My doctor told me I would likely bleed, go on bed rest and birth a preemie- all of which happened. I gave birth to my son, Nicholas, at four pounds eleven ounces- 6 weeks early.”

Life before Nicholas was only life leading up to him; Nadine was instantly overcome with the magnitude of motherhood. She returned to work after maternity leave, but learned she wanted to be at home with her son.

Fast forward a few years, Nadine is now mom to three boys under five: Nicholas, Zachary (Zaza) and Alexander. She has transitioned from corporate to entrepreneur, often appearing as a lifestyle and parenting contributor on television stations nationwide. She also writes for a number of local and national websites, including for the Today Show Parenting Team.

In addition, Bubeck is exercising her creative side, having launched Mama B. Designs, a boutique clothing company aimed at stylishly spreading prematurity awareness. In fact, 50% of every item from the Miracle Line benefits March of Dimes.

“I want to instill in my sons to find and fulfill a passion and pay it forward.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the Valley mom recently published a children’s book, Sing my Sweet Lion. And she’s working on a second book! Stay tuned for details…

While Nadine calls the Valley home now, she has lived a lot of different places, growing up in the Bay Area, graduating college in San Francisco and working in Southern California. With that being said, she’s thrilled to plant her roots here.

“It’s a fantastic place to raise children. My kids attend such a lovely preschool, as well as the Scottsdale Unified Public School District. The community continues to be very good to me, and I hope to evolve in contributing to the Valley.”

Bubeck simply loves being a mom, watching her boys blossom and grow into their own unique personalities.

“They’re each into different things, but have this amazing bond- like nothing I’ve ever witnessed. They love hard, and love deeply, constantly hugging and holding hands.”

It’s not just her kids that are inspiring and unique, Nadine herself is constantly working and creating. “I’m always dreaming up new things, new projects and new ideas. I just keep going, keep figuring it out- embracing the journey of seeing what is next.”

Like most parents, Bubeck admits there is no handbook for motherhood. “I make mistakes all the time. I lose my patience and get frustrated; it really bugs me. And since I work from home, I’m tied to my phone and laptop and as much as I wish to disconnect when I’m with them. We all have our challenges.”

Nadine’s two cents is fairly simply: “Try not to be too hard on yourself; the juggle and struggle is real. You may not find a great balance between motherhood, being a wife, working and honoring yourself as an individual, but you gotta embrace it all; function and dysfunction. And most of all, enjoy it. Happiness is a choice.”

And Nadine chooses happiness.

If you’d like to learn more about Nadine Bubeck, click here.

Cover photo credit: Orchid Bloom Photography

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