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Book Review: A Dinosaur in the Sky

Max is the biggest dinosaur fan in all of Fossil Lake who dreams of one day discovering a real dinosaur. He spends most of his free time studying dinosaurs at the museum, playing with his toy dinosaur city, and digging at the fossil park. One day during a fossil excursion, something casts a dark shadow across the sand as it flies over Max, who looks up to discover what appears to be a dinosaur in the sky. Or is it some other unknown creature?

In his first ever children’s book, A Dinosaur in the Sky, author Derek Polen takes the reader on one boy’s journey to learn everything he can about his favorite thing – dinosaurs – with the hope of one day discovering a real one.  “Kids love to dream about things and they have amazing imaginations!” said Polen, father of two. “I wanted to create a unique story for kids that was fun, has a little suspense, but would hopefully inspire them to be passionate about something and have the desire to immerse themselves in learning more about their passion.”

Having previously published two non-fiction books for adults, the inspiration to write a fictional children’s story first came to Polen after a Great Blue Heron flew overhead as he was playing in the backyard with his kids. “I told them it looked like a pterodactyl, “ said Polen. “Every time my little boy would see one, he would say, ‘Look Dad, a pterodactyl’. One day last summer I thought, ‘A Dinosaur in the Sky’ would be a fun story to write about.”

Published March 4, 2018, “A Dinosaur in the Sky” is already receiving praise as both a fun and entertaining story as well as an informative one that can be used as an educational tool. Geared toward readers ages 3-8 years, the book includes two animal facts comparison charts on the Pterodactyl & Great Blue Heron to further enhance learning.

Polen hopes his book will inspire kids to discover their own passion and pursue it the way Max did. “This is a story about a child loving something so much, he devotes time to learn about it,” said Polen. “ I hope children see how Max was so passionate about dinosaurs that they find something they are passionate about and seek ways to learn more about it.”

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Written by: Jodi Hale

Jodi Hale

Jodi Hale serves as North Phoenix Family magazine’s editorial/advertising assistant. She is also a freelance writer and consultant for social media marketing, managing accounts for several clients around the valley. The mother of three amazing boys ages 8, 14 and 16, she volunteers as a public relations specialist for Musical Theatre of Anthem, promoting the theater’s year-round training opportunities and award-winning productions. Jodi can be contacted at jhale@northphoenixfamily.com.

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