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The Benefits of Consignment Shopping at Scottsdale’s Consignment Corridor

Avery Lane

Scottsdale has a shopping mecca other cities envy and the in-know designers covet. If you haven’t joined the latest trend in home decorating, you need to check out Scottsdale’s “Resale Row” and preview the amazing consignment stores. Five locally-owned furniture consignment stores within a five-mile radius represent the Consignment Corridor headed up by Darlene Richert, owner of the luxury high-end consignment store Avery Lane.

Airpark Consignment

Scottsdale’s Consignment Corridor includes Avery Lane, Airpark Consignment, Stevan’s Consignment, Lost & Found Interiors and Switch Consignment. Below are some of the ways you can benefit from consignment shopping.

Lost & Found Interiors

Get the most bang for your buck
These beautifully appointed consignment stores differ from dusty resale shops as they aren’t your stereotypical grandma’s consignment store. Avery Lane, a french-inspired showroom along with the other stores offer a wide variety of furniture styles, art and accessories that cater to clients seeking everything from antiques to new contemporary Italian pieces to special florals and collectible art. Several consignment stores focus on luxury brands that are out of most shopper’s budgets but are extremely reasonable in the resale arena. Consignment shopping is for the treasure hunter in each of us as you have to meander, pick thru and use a keen eye to artfully select unique items. While these top consignment stores carefully examine all the resale items to ensure quality, shoppers should also carefully inspect items from top to bottom before purchasing.

Switch Consignment

Unique selection of hidden treasures
Consignment regulars will comment “I was here last week and the store looks completely different.” Due to the nature of the revolving inventory, regulars know that if you love it, buy it immediately or it will be gone tomorrow. The store owners marvel at how quickly the unique, one-of-a-kind items sell. Enter the stores with an open mind knowing that the thrill is finding something that strikes a chord as being the “perfect” item. Surely, you’ll find a plethora of leather chairs, gorgeous dining sets, but you’re just as likely to find a vintage movie poster or an original oil painting from a local artist. That’s the joy of the hunt and what makes consignment shopping so much more intriguing than standard retail shopping could ever be.

Stevan’s Consignment

Consignment shopping is eco-friendly
Reports show that Americans generate 250 to 400 million tons of waste each year – filling landfills to their max capacity. Consignment shopping is environmentally friendly – by repurposing household items, we prevent adding extra waste in landfills. Instead of tossing your used goods, take them to a consignment store first for someone else to enjoy!

Written by: Darlene Richert

Darlene Richert

Darlene Richert is the owner and founder of Avery Lane, a high-end consignment boutique that specializes in designer furniture pieces, unique antiques, and fine art items. Featuring furnishings from Scottsdale’s finest homes and estates, Avery Lane offers tasteful vignettes with intriguing artwork and accessories. Avery Lane opened its first and currently the only location in the Scottsdale Airpark in 2012, however, has plans to grow the company to the East Valley within the next 12 months. To learn more, please visit



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