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Benefits of Adult Participation in Sports

We live in a busy world and too often many of us get stuck in a boring routine. We begin to see that over time we have less energy and drive for the daily grind. Research shows that athletic participation drastically decreases after age 26, typically the time people begin raising families. Still, adults need to remember the value of sports, and not lose site of it when their life grows to include more responsibilities. There is some great benefits of adult sports participation and reasons why it is important for everyone to start getting active.

Being active is vital everyday. Most people know the health benefits of athletic activities such as reduced risk of heart disease, blood pressure, stroke and some cancers, and weight loss or weight management. However, this varies by individual and there are no guarantees.  Thanks to today’s technology of fitness trackers it seems people are much more focused on fitness goals. For example, at North Phoenix’s Arizona Sports Complex, many adult participants wear fitness trackers simply for the physical challenge of getting more steps in order to compete with friends and family. It’s a great motivator for the individual and helps break fitness into small, short term goals which seems to really drive people to get more active.

Achieving fitness goals vary depending on what drives the individual, but likely to be an even bigger benefit to staying active are the emotional and psychological benefits. Getting your heart rate up, pushing yourself through the discomfort of mental barriers, and just getting away from the noise that exists in daily life. It’s such a confidence builder pushing yourself physically and mentally to your limits and breaking past your comfort zone to learn. Using physical activity as an outlet can boost your mood and energy, ease anxiety, reduce tension, even relieve stress.

You can achieve many of the physical and psychological benefits of an active lifestyle individually at the gym or personal exercise, but the benefits to doing activity with likeminded people on a sports team or in a league where you have the support and confidence of your peers is huge. In a team setting, you have to try to achieve what you are working toward and can’t let your team down. That additional motivation gives you more to look forward to leading up to the event and helps take your mind on any discomfort or discouragement you may be facing individually. Win or lose, you will leave feeling like you’ve achieved something.

One last benefit to getting involved in sports activities is the social benefit of participation. Socializing with fellow teammates and competitors can help you expand your network, get you plugged into a community, and even build new relationships. Quite often we see in our adult sports programs friendships that are built amongst teammates, even couples who are now married and having families after meeting on the field. This is most likely one of the healthiest activities an adult can be involved in is recreational sports participation because of the numerous benefits it can have on a persons life.

Written by: Justin Sayban

Justin Sayban

Justin Sayban is General Manager of Arizona Sports Complex in Glendale, Arizona. Justin first started his career in recreational sports back in 2001 at the age of 14 at a local roller hockey rink, and because of his positive experiences throughout his time working in the industry, and enjoying participation in sports throughout his life, Justin has made it his mission to provide quality programs of sports and other activities to improve the the lives of the participants and their community.

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