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Air Conditioning Repair Do’s and Don’ts

It’s April and if you haven’t turned on your Air Conditioner unit yet, your days are numbered before you will. In Phoenix, a properly working air conditioning unit is not just a treat, it’s an absolute necessity to surviving the hot summer months.

But, what do you do if your unit isn’t running properly? At Donley A/C & Plumbing, we make sure our customers have a few tips and tricks in their toolboxes to try before they call us.

Here are a several things you might want to check before bringing in the professionals:

  • Thermostats: Are your switches in the correct operating position? When was the last time you changed the batteries? It may sound obvious, but confirm the levers are set to “auto” and “cool” to assure you are getting the refreshing breeze you are looking for.
  • Circuit breakers: Be familiar with which circuit breakers control your A/C units. Are they in the “ON” position?
  • Filters: When was the last time you replaced your air filter? Having a filter clogged with dirt is probably one of the most common reasons for unnecessary service calls.
  • Time delay circuits: Some units and thermostats have a 2-5 minute delay before the unit clicks on. Be patient before you call for service.
  • Air access: If you have a ground-mounted unit, make sure the air access is not blocked by bushes or plants.
  • Load controller: Check to see that this device hasn’t automatically turned off your air conditioning unit.

If you are thinking it might be time for a new unit, the spring in Arizona is a good time to replace your A/C since it’s ahead of the high-demand summer months. A few things to take into account when deciding if you should repair or replace the unit include:

  • How old is the unit? Air conditioning units in Arizona work overtime for most of the year. Even when a unit is properly babied and maintained, the shelf life is roughly 12 years. If you are getting close to the end of this cycle, consider replacing the unit before you are in dire straits.
  • Who lives with you? Are there young children or seniors in your home who need cool air at all times? Or can you wait a day or two for parts and service?
  • Is it cheaper to repair than replace? Talk to your Donley A/C & Plumbing rep and request two estimates – one for repairs and a second for a new unit. If you are committing to a significant repair bill, would you be better off getting a new, more efficient unit that is likely to be more reliable, save you energy and reduce your monthly power bill?

Finally, as a responsible homeowner, remember regular maintenance on your heating and air conditioning equipment is the best way to minimize breakdowns, extend the life of your unit and save you money in the long run.

Written by: Mike Donley, Donley Service Center

Mike Donley and his father, Jim, have provided honest, caring air conditioning, plumbing, heating, sewer repair services to Arizonans since 1976. Family-owned Donley Service Center has also been honored twice with the Better Business Bureau’s Ethics Award. www.donleyservice.com.

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