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ABC’s of Water Safety with Aqua-Tots Swim Schools

The high temps are here and a day by the pool or family vacation are at the top of every parents’ summer list. Aqua-Tots Swim Schools are here to help keep kids safe around water and keep parents minds at ease.

With May being National Water Safety Month, Aqua-Tots has the ABC’s of swim safety to provide a fun, easy, and memorable way for parents and children to educate themselves about water safety.

  • Adult supervision – Carefully supervise and keep your eye on your children at all times or designate a “water watcher.” There should be an adult or parent who is actively watching over swimming children the entire time they are in the pool. Do not check social media pages, text, grill or be involved in any other distractions — it takes only seconds for a drowning to occur.
  • Barriers – Provide extra layers of protection around the pool or Jacuzzis with gates, safety nets or pool alarms to prevent accidents.
  • Classes – No. 1 safe swimming tip is to enroll children into an accredited swim school. According to research, the risk of drowning is reduced by 88 percent when children take formal swim lessons. Children respond best when enrolled in swim classes early in their lives. At Aqua-Tots, babies starting at the age of four months can participate in parent-tot classes and continue to develop their swimming techniques through national recognized swim program. Aqua-Tots has over 25 years of teaching experience and was founded in Mesa, AZ in 1991. Their comprehensive curriculum taught by top-notch instructors, state-of-the-art facilities with indoor, heated pools, and 11 Arizona locations including Peoria and Surprise, provide every family the opportunity to prevent child drowning with quality swim lessons and awareness.
  • Discard pool toys Remove balls, floats and other toys from the pool and backyard area immediately after use so that children are not enticed to reenter the pool unsupervised and remove all household items that could be dangerous to a curious toddler. It only takes two inches of water for a child to drown.
  • Educate – Share the safety tips you learn with other moms, dads, children and your community, and continue to stay up-to-date with water safety tips visit our official blog at www.aqua-tots.com/blog to avoid dangerous situations.

To enroll or for more information on swim lessons at Aqua-Tots Swim School Surprise or Peoria, please call:

Aqua-Tots Surprise: 623-455-5571

Aqua-Tots Peoria: 623-376-6554

Visit aqua-tots.com.

Written by: Jamie Cartledge of Aqua-Tots Swim School Peoria and Surprise

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