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9 Tips for School Success

Make this school year the best ever! Here are some great tips how:

1. Help your child get organized.Show your child how being organized will pay dividends in life. Let him experience the ease of being able to find things, the joy of being on time, and the sense of control that organization will bring.

2. Plan ahead. Make school mornings as smooth as possible. Start planning the night before by making sure your child gets enough rest. A slightly earlier bedtime may make a big difference in your child’s ability to function well the next day. Have her lay out her clothes before she goes to bed, and put everything she needs for school in her backpack.

3. Help your child keep up with his work. When homework or big projects see
m overwhelming, show your child how to break the work into smaller, more manageable tasks. Then, help him complete one task at a time until the job is done. During this process, it’s important for you to demonstrate a calm attitude. If you are stressed about the work, your child will be anxious, too.

4. Get a handle on homework.Provide a place for your child to do her homework, and make sure she has the necessary supplies. Keep things like pencils, paper, rulers and colored markers organized in a pencil box to save time. Set a time for homework that works for everyone, then stick to the schedule as often as possible.

5. Entice your child to read through fun activities.For example, use a current movie as a starting point to encourage your child’s interest in the book version of the story. If your child is not old enough to read the book, then read it to him. Or, help your child write a letter to the author of a favorite book. Many authors will reply to letters from children.

6. Make learning a priority. Is your child over-scheduled, trying to do far more than a child should do at this age? If so, you may have to consider cutting back on activities to leave more time and energy for learning.

7. Remember the power of praise.Celebrate your child’s successes, no matter how small, and let praise work its magic to motivate her. For example, add a nice touch to an especially good school paper or test by having it framed or laminated.

8. Be a good role model. How you feel about yourself greatly influences how your child feels about himself. Demonstrate positive and responsible habits for your child to copy.

9. Save time for fun. Schedule enjoyable activities to restore your child’s body and stimulate brain connections, which will in turn make learning easier. After all, there’s more to life than long division!

For more information on how to ensure your child’s school success, contact, www.glendale.tutoringcenter.com

By: Dr. Becky Clark, The Tutoring Center

Becky Clark

Dr. Becky Clark owns and operates The Tutoring Center in Glendale. Dr. Clark has dedicated her life to student learning. She has taught elementary, middle, and high school, and has spent many years training teachers. Her love for students motivates her to provide the very best learning opportunities so she can positively impact the lives of children, families, and communities. Dr. Clark and her husband, Russell, have lived in the Phoenix Valley since 2003.

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