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6 Ways Online Summer School Can Help High School Students

Summer time is here and for many of us, that means sitting by the pool, vacations and fun. But for those of us with children who didn’t do so well during the school year, it means summer school. Or, maybe your child is motivated and wants to take a summer course to get ahead and graduate early.

With online summer school that can be completed anywhere, you don’t have to choose between a great summer for your family and a great education for your child.

Here are six ways online summer school can benefit your high school student:

1. Focus on a tricky subject

Summer school is the perfect time for improving in a subject. For example, maybe your teen struggles with math, but wants to become an engineer.  A good grade in math is essential for admission to universities. Focusing on that single subject over the summer can help your teen build a better foundation in math and earn a good grade. Also, online summer school often offers more personalized support from teacher, positioning your child for success in a challenging subject.

2. Catch up on credits or make up a failed grade

Perhaps your teen didn’t do so well in English last semester? Or maybe chemistry knocked him off track? Don’t worry. If your student isn’t on track to graduate on time, summer school can help. Students can make up as many as four semester-long courses over the summer, depending on the online summer school program.

3. Lighten up the school year 

Summer school is not just for struggling students. Maybe your child is a go-getter who wants to enroll in more electives than she has time for, such as choir or weight training. Taking an online summer course or two will build more time into her regular school year for those extracurricular activities she enjoys. The flexibility online school offers will also enable your go-getter to continue with those extracurricular activities — or get a job — during the summer.

4. Get a jump start on college credits

If your teen is planning on attending college, enrolling in dual-credit courses over the summer will help him get ahead in school while also getting a jump start in college. Earning dual-credit means that your child earns credit toward both his high school diploma and college degree. For example, if your teen successfully completes an English dual-credit course, he will receive a one-half high school credit, as well as three English 101 college credits accepted at all Arizona universities and many other universities throughout the country. There are several dual-enrollment courses Primavera Online High School and other high schools offer through local community colleges. While there is a fee for taking these courses, it’s the price of a community college—significantly less expensive than university—and a great way spread out the cost of college.

5. Stay engaged during the summer

Studies show that students who take part in summer academic programs substantially increase their academic and social skills and keep the “summer brain” at bay. Summer school will helps keep your child engaged during the summer and retain what he learned in the school year. Plus, an online summer school course will allow you to help keep your child’s brain active without worrying about rides to and from class.

6. Expand your horizons

Online summer school courses offer many electives for a well-rounded education. Does your child want to learn more about criminology, world religion or psychology? Online summer school provides access to courses their traditional school may not offer during summer. This way, you can help your teen pursue her interests and gain experience in subjects she wouldn’t normally have access to over summer break.

Primavera Online High School is an accredited online high school with coursework aligned to national and state standards. It offers more than 50 tuition-free summer school courses. For more information, visit, primavera-online-high-school.com.

Written by: Mori Creamer, M.A., M.Ed.

Mori Creamer

As the Superintendent and COO of Primavera Online High School, Mori Creamer is responsible for ensuring students receive the best possible education. She is not only committed to helping students earn their high school diploma, but also preparing them for college and a career.

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