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3 Ways Little Pink Houses of Hope is Helping Cancer Patients Celebrate Life

People affected by breast cancer typically do not have the means and physical ability to create opportunities to experience activities on their own. The emotional, physical and financial stress that breast cancer causes are being reduced by an opportunity of a lifetime. The experience given to these families provides an immediate and lasting impact that is invaluable. Granting a week-long getaway to people affected by breast cancer is Little Pink Houses of Hope’s way of giving back – creating opportunities to celebrate life.

  1. Assistant with financial ties

Many cancer patients and their families accrue a vast amount of medical bills throughout the duration of recovery. Financial difficulties with medical care and cancer treatment can be overwhelming, causing more stress on the family. A week of vacation usually requires a budget, pre-planning, saving and constant tracking of funds, which is not a priority for most families affected by cancer. Providing a complimentary and stress-free week long vacation for these families eliminates the financial stressor that they feel, allowing breast cancer patients and their support group to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

  1. Providing a sense of community

This week-long vacation is not only given by Little Pink Houses of Hope but the local communities as well. Community member’s homes are donated for the week for these families to stay. During this time, the volunteers and local community members have one priority, to look after the well-being of their assigned cancer patient and family to ensure that their experience is enjoyable. Throughout the week, patients can interact and share moments with other patients who are going through similar experiences in a pleasant setting. The exposure of kindness, generosity, and love they receive from the community and volunteers creates a lasting emotional impact that is life changing.

  1. Granting patients with unforgettable experiences

Patients and their families are sent to a retreat that is filled with exciting opportunities that they may have never experienced before. The scheduled out week of activities are catered to the unique location where the retreat is being hosted at. Events such as catered dinners, sporting events, creative activities for family bonding, boat rides and more are provided to create lasting memories. Offering this vacation grants families the opportunity to build memorable moments that they will cherish forever.

Little Pink Houses of Hope is a non-profit organization that provides a complimentary week-long vacation for breast cancer patients and their families. Our mission is to promote breast cancer recovery by gifting opportunities to reconnect and celebrate life to people who have been affected along with their families. We strive to create hopeful experiences through supportive and loving relationships in a non-judgmental environment. Based in North Carolina, we are looking forward to expanding into Arizona. For more information about Little Pink Houses of Hope, please visit littlepink.org.

Written by: John Rivera


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